Shining the Holy Ark - Credits

A big thanks goes out to Lady Bella. She's translated a few little things to help out (the words 'nothing' and 'none' from Japanese monster guide and stha character descriptions, confirmed that the red dagger is supposed to give a special). She translated parts of the specials from Japanese (which I am slowly putting up). And for translating some bigger things (but none of those have been used yet, I'll say what they are when I put them up). She also gave me a ton of support while I made this guide.

Thanks to Aspartate and Landius for translating the occasiocal thing and putting it up for me to see. Most of these things being really interesting facts about characters and such.

Thanks to Earl for getting me face pictures to work with of Arthur, Melody, Rodi, Forte, Galm, Panzer, and Rilix. But I'm not using those anymore.

And another big thanks to Moogie for listing my site in her directory and for making a shining the holy ark message board. A thanks also goes out to a few of the people at that forum for the support.

Do you want to be listed here? Then email to find out if you have information I don't have (I'm not giving credit to people who tell me about something I already know, but haven't put up yet). If I use it, you'll get credit.