Pure Vandal - Elise


Little is really known about Elise. She is very beautiful, but very dangerous. Various rumors have been spread about her in the town of Enrich. At first believed to be Rilix's granddaughter, it is later said that they are sisters. Animals sensing her ferocious blood fear her. Even though she is a true Vandal, having the full power of the Spirit, she has to put a little work into staying eternally young, drinking the blood of the young. Also, the sun does not agree well with her, draining her strength. She is often harsh to Rilix, possibly because she is superiour. Temporarily, Elise is lovers with Panzer, and for this, she will give him some assistance. For a time she supported the plans to revive the Thousand-Year Kingdom, later on, she takes a more neutral position similar to Galm. But Elise still does not want to see the Vandal clan wiped out. She stays with Galm.