Pure Vandal - Galm


Galm is the most powerful of the Vandals. Luckily, he has no desire to rebuild the Thousand-Year Kingdom, he was around for it's destruction. Some time back, Sabato woke Galm from his long sleep and for this found out about the Thousand-Year Kingdom and it's possible revival. Galm's main goal now is to find out why the Creator does what it has done. Why the Creator sent such immense powers as the Spirits to people and has such powers out of balance. Although he is Panzer's father, he has little interaction with his son. Galm will assist Arthur and his allies, but only after they show they have the potential to live up to their prophecies. After Rilix and Panzer are stopped, he leaves Enrich for Eastern Parmecia where the great Vandal, Bulzome, may reawaken. He may be one of the original Vandals, which means he would also be one of the original Innovators.