Inferior Vandal - Panzer

Panzer is Galm's son. His mother was a woman abducted from the Town of Enrich that then travelled to Far East Village. His mother died giving birth and he was raised by the Lord of Far East Village as his own. Panzer grew up with Akane and they both fell in love. Panzer could sense something inside himself that had great power, but also great danger and anger. For this, he knew that one day he might hurt Akane and left the village, becoming a rogue ninja. This also hurt Akane, but at least not physically. As he was out of the village, he learned about the powers he had as a ninja and a Vandal. He saw just how much more power he had than others. With this combination Panzer carries great sorrow and a superiourity complex. At this time, he also joined with Rilix and Elise to revive the Thousand-Year Kingdom. Panzer is not a true Vandal, but he still has great power even as an inferior Vandal and the training as a ninja. He has great power and strength, he has yet to understand the responsibility that comes with power.