Inferior Vandal - Rilix


She's been called an enchantress, sorceress, witch, and a few other things. The truth is that she is an inferior Vandal, and an old one at that. This means that she doesn't have the full power of the spirit, but that doesn't mean she's weak. As a Vandal she still possesses great power. The general public of Enrich has been led to believe that she is the grandmother of Elise, but eventually the truthful rumors that they're actaully sisters spread about. She rose to her position in Enrich by defeating Sage Sabato in a magic duel and possessing King Enrich with an Evil Spirit. With the crystal ball installed on her floating chair, she can see just about whatever she wants. Rilix sent Arthur, Melody, and Forte to capture Rodi, having some ideas of the plans that could unfold. She will do everything she can to revive the Thousand-Year Kingdom.