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Desire Mine

-The force enters the mine and goes through a new path, but are soon blocked by a magical barrier-

-The spell destroys the barrier-

-Soon the team finds an ore cart-

-Begin Question Options-

-can repeat for both-


-The group rides in the ore cart-

-After riding an ore cart that only went in a cirle, the team finds a track switch-

-Begin Question Options-

-can repeat for both-


-The track switches over to another track-

-After some ore carts rides and track switching, the team completes the exploration through Desire Mine-

Forest of Confusion

-After collecting all 50 pixies, the team returns to the pond in the Forest of Confusion-

-All the pixies shoot out at the obelisk in their groups of 10-
-After all the pixies have left, bright lights flash out of the obleisk and the Queen of the pixies appears-

-The Pixie Queen disappears in a flash of light-


-The force goes past the shrine and to the top of the mountain-
-Panzer is standing next to a fire pit off to the side and the holy ark is directly ahead-

-Rilix appears in front of you-

-Rilix creates two spheres of energy-

-Elise appears on top a nearby rock-

-Elise shakes her head-

-Elise creates two spheres of energy and throws them into Rilix’s-

-Elise rolls her head in an unimpressed manner-

-Elise points to the balls of magic as they turn into Evil Vampires-

-Rilix and the Evil Vampires attack, but are defeated by Arthur and the others-

-Elise begins to concentrate and the ark lights up-

-A ball of energy zips by Elise’s face and she falls to her knees-

-Galms appears on another nearby rock-

-Panzer creates two balls of energy-

-Panzer launches the balls of energy to the holy ark and then jumps to the ark-

-The ark flashes and the evil from it transforms Panzer into a powerful monster with two Evil Bodies at his side-
-The enemies attack, but they are defeated by the force-

-Voices are heard fom nowhere-

-In a flash of bright light, two of the three spirits leave their hosts, but that light prevents it from being seen who kept their spirit-

-Elise reappears-

-Galm reappears-

-Galm disappears-

-Elise disappears-

The team starts to walk away and the ship can be seen in the sky.

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