Graveyard Catacombs

-The force finds a passage in the graveyard to underground catacombs-

-Arthur and company find a locked door the stops them from going any further-

-If Arthur searches the door-

Aborigine Mansion

-The team enters Aborigine Mansion and after exploring for awhile finds Basso slumped over in a hallway-

-Basso stands up-

-The team enters a sanctuary type of room-

-If you search the statue-

-Begin Question Options-

-can repeat for no-


-The group enters the clock room and winds the clock-

The team battles and defeats the Time Warrior.

-Begin Question Options-

-can repeat for no-


-Arthur and the rest leave the mansion and find that the door in the catacombs is now open-
-They follow the path and find themselves in a room of Aborigine Mansion and battle against a Vampire-

-Galm suddenly appears in front of the party-

-Galm summons a treasure chest to appear in front of you and it floats to the ground-

-Galm disappears in a flash of light-

-Basso Walks Away-