Shining the Holy Ark - Updates

20/02/09 The site has been migrated to it's temporary new home - And an update to the Arthur has been uploaded

7/27/02: Added the entire script of the game. I'll be fixing it's format when I feel like it.

6/24/02: Added the stuff for the Vandals and a link I've been meaning to put up for awhile.

6/23/02: All of the playable character descriptions are up. Sometime I'll try to get around to setting up the pages for the Vandals.

6/21/02: Added four of the character descriptions.

5/02/02: Did a small update to the walkthrough. Another one will be done shortly. I haven't forgotten about the site, I've actually been working on something somewhat major for it (but it takes awhile).

2/08/02: Put up the new main page.

1/20/01: The walkthrough format has been changed a bit, it should be clearer now.

1/18/01:The walkthrough has been updated to Mirage Village. I'll finish it for the Tower of Illusion, Desire Mine, and Godspeak when I get a chance.

1/01/02:All the characters' equipment is finished. I hope to do the accessories in awhile. I put the link for the magic guide up on the main page and added a little bit to it.

12/30/01:Rodi's equipment has been added.

12/22/01:I've added all of Melody's equipment except for the accessories. I hope to do the same for the others shortly.

10/20/01:Started the new main page and redid the values for the weapons guide.

10/21/01:I'm continuing to build the new main page.

10/26/01:The redesigning continues.

Stuff I'll add eventually:

Character specials,
character information,
monster stats,
original names for equipment, items, pixies, etc,
some other stuff.