Shining the Holy Ark - Mini-Walkthrough

This is the mini-walthrough for the game. It is mostly just to help you from missing items and stuff like that. Just print it out and mark stuff off as you go along, the order that you get the items does not matter, in some cases it is impossible to tell what would be the "right" way. I included items that you could get by repeatedly talking to merchants (this is done by starting to talk to a merchant and as soon as you have started to do this cancel the conversation, repeatedly do this and eventually the merchant will say something different and offer you a rare item).

Color Key: character event, pixie, weapon, armor, accessory, item, gold, event item

Desire Mine

(B1): Forte leaves, Rodi joins
(1F): Herb (rock)
(B1): Herb (wall), Iron Circlet (treasure chest), 40 gold coins (jar), 40 gold coins (treasure chest), Herb (jar), 60 gold coins (treasure chest)
(1F): Succubus Muran joins (wall), 20 gold coins (treasure chest), Leather Glove (area of wood platform railing), Herb (jar)
(Outside): Leprechaun Dana joins (wall)

Desire Village

Incubus Lantano joins (storage box type thing behind house), Quick Chicken (box), Arcane Garlic (barrel in Blacksmith's), 1 gold coin (bed in house), Elixir (repeatedly talk to items merchant)

Forest of Confusion

Herb (tree), Bronze Shell (treasure chest), Wooden Staff (tree), Fairy Daisy joins (tree), Herb (tree), Energy Bread (tree, actually a bush), Angel Wing (treasure chest), lost dog (dog near pond), Pixie Maple joins (water), Lucky Cookie (treasure chest), Middle Shield (first tombstone), Angel Wing (tombstone), Energy Bread (dropped by Wraith)

Desire Village

Pixie Cherry joins (return lost dog Jabby to boy in front of Church)

Forest Cave

(B1 North Side): Fairy Iris joins (limestone pillar), Herb (hole in wall), Bronze Staff (treasure chest), Antidote Herb (rock)
(B2): Leprechaun Tak joins (hole in wall), Feather Robe (treasure chest), Incubus Enjewel joins (rock), Herb (rock), Magic Nectar (limestone pillar), Bronze Brace (treasure chest)
(B1 South Side): Antidote Herb (jar), Mithril Ore (jar), Angel Wing (rock), Scale Suit (treasure chest), Pixie Willow joins (jar)

Town of Enrich

Succubus Dahlia joins (wall of passageway between shops and castle), Incubus Masakari joins (fireplace in house), Royal Crest (repeatedly talk to items merchant)

Town Well

Succubus Roheria joins (wall)

Enrich Castle

Stamina Onion (suspicious looking wall)


Herb (wall), Fairy Powder (wall)

Dungeon Well

Crystal Key (crystal shard on ground), Pixie Cedar joins (ground area before end of tunnel wall)

Enrich Dungeon

(B2): Leprechaun Morgan joins (treasure chest), Fairy Camellia joins (wall), Antidote Herb (jar), Goat Crest (treasure chest), Slash Dagger (jar), use Goat Crest on square recess, Potion (jar), Snake Crest (treasure chest), use Snake Crest on Triangle recess, Iron Brace (treasure chest), Critical Juice (treasure chest), Eagle Crest (treasure chest), use Eagle Crest on pentagonal recess, Gold Key (treasure chest)

Forest of Aborigine

Angel Wing (tree), Power Shield (stone crypt), Fairy Peony joins (tree next to Power Shield), Leprechaun Kokus joins (tombstone near center of cemetery), Incubus Krupis joins (stone crypt), Steel Sword (stone crypt), Chain Mail (stone crypt),

Aborigine Mansion

(1F, to enter you must use the Gold Key): Leprechaun Zircon joins (clock pendalum), Fairy Powder (treasure chest), push table between wall and bed, Druid's Robe (treasure chest)
(2F): run into blue door with broken handle, Incubus Liknis joins (painting), Mithril Ore (table), run into blue door with broken handle
(1F): Succubus Orlea joins (painting), run into blue door with broken handle, Broadsword (treasure chest), Basso joins (walk up to Basso), push table and beds to match up with map on wall, Old Key (treasure chest), use old key on red door, Royal Crest (bed), use old key on red door, use old key on red door, Iron Shell (box), use old key on red door, Potion (table)
(2F): use old key on red door, Power Staff (bed), run into the blue door with broken handle, Holy Water (statue of Zod), run into blue door with broken handle, Silver Tiara (painting), use old key on red door
(1F): Arcane Book (use holy water on invisible spirits and search blue book)
(2F, must use old key on red door to enter): Steel Suit (treasure chest), place Arcane Book in empty space on bookshelf, Clock Key (treasure chest), use old key on red door, use Clock Key on receptacle to wind the big clock, Steel Sword (dropped by Time Warrior), pull level on wall

Graveyard Catacombs

(B1): Lucky Cookie (stone statue), push fake wall near statue that held the Lucky Cookie, Potion (treasure chest), push fake wall on path a little bit before the door, Succubus Lacey joins (wall near end of second secret path), Quick Chicken (treasure chest), push fake wall on the side of the end of the path left after the door, Haste Ring (treasure chest), Fairy Powder (stone statue), push fake wall between stairs and the second to last stone statue, Protect Milk (treasure chest)

Aborigine Mansion

(1F): Life Candle (dropped by Vampire), Basso leaves, Gravity Stone (treasure chest)

Mountain Cave

(B1): Potion (treasure chest)
(1F): Basso joins, Lucky Cookie (treasure chest), Power Brace (treasure chest), Antidote Herb (dropped by Tail Viper), push fake wall at northern most point in partial circle, Fairy Lily joins (treasure chest)
(B1): push fake wall on the western corridor near stairs, Magic Nectar (treasure chest), Succubus Ripanos joins (wall)
(1F): Mithril Ore (treasure chest), Leprechaun Mangus joins (treasure chest), Antidote Herb (dropped by Tail Viper)
(B1): Pixie Palm joins (water)
(1F): Antidote Herb (dropped by Tail Viper), Brave Apple (dropped by Head Viper), Life Ring (treasure chest)

Far East Village

Pixie Apple joins (barrel), Fairy Azalea joins (tree), Spike Shield (repeatedly talk to armor merchant), Life Candle (repeatedly talk to items merchant), Elixir (repeatedly talk to items merchant), Goddess Tears (repeatedly talk to items merchant), Courage Suit (repeatedly talk to items merchant)

South Shrine

(1F South Side): Potion (stone statue), Angel Wing (stone statue)
(B2 East Side): Magic Mattock (treasure chest), Energy Bread (stone crypt)
(1F South Side): Incubus Cypress joins (stone crypt), Protect Milk (stone statue)
(1F South Side ceiling): Magic Nectar (stone crypt)
(1F North Side ceiling): Shield Tiara (stone crypt)
(1F North Side): Elixir (stone crypt), Succubus Kathorea joins (wall)
(B1 North Side): Potion (stone statue)
(B1 North Side ceiling): Power Juice (stone crypt)
(B1 South Side ceiling): Stone Key (stone crypt)
(B1 South Side): Mithril Ore (stone crypt), Leprechaun Darbie joins (stone statue), Dragon Orb (stone crypt), Quick Chicken (stone statue)
(B2 West Side): Angel Wing (treasure chest), Arcance Garlic (stone crypt), Critical Juice (stone statue)
(B1 Center): Opal (white gem), Black Onyx (black gem), Aquamarine (light blue gem), Emerald (green gem), Sapphire (blue gem), Ruby (red gem), Diamond (clear gem), Goddess Tears (dropped by Witch), Sacred Sword (floating sword)

Far East Village

Turbo Boots (bush infront of inn), Akane joins

Enrich Dungeon

(B2 New Section): push fake wall on the right path, Incubus Aster joins (treasure chest), Life Candle (wall)
(B1): Brave Apple (treasure chest), push fake wall right next to Chest Ghost and stairs, Pixie Lime joins (jar)
(1F): Potion (treasure chest), Mithril Ore (wall across from treasure chest and one space to the left)

Enrich Castle

Forte joins


Light of Hope (wall)

Town of Enrich

Saint Ankh (repeatedly talk to weapons merchant), Spike Shell (repeatedl talk to armor merchant), Elixir (repeatedly talk to items merchant), Goddess Tears (repeatedly talk to items merchant), Squeak Sandals (repeatedly talk to items merchant), Holy Rain (repeatedly talk to items merchant)

Desire Village

Doyle joins (talk to the Lord of the Far East Village, then go to Desire Village and search the tree in the back of the village that was not there before)

West Shrine

(1F East Side, to enter you must use the Sacred Sword): Pixie Pear joins (water), Turtle Snacks (treasure chest), Mithril Ore (left middle floor space of farthest left area on current map), use turtle snacks on turtle near entrance, Battle Armor (treasure chest), Turtle Snacks (treasure chest)
(2F): use turtle snacks on turtle
(1F East Side): Potion (treasure chest)
(1F West Side): Potion (wall, pillar thing), Fairy Sisal joins (water), Turtle Snacks (treasure chest), Mithril Ingot (treasure chest), use turtle snacks on turtle
(2F): Incubus Adonis joins (wall, pillar thing), Evil Ring (treasure chest), run into breaking wall, run into breaking wall, Turtle Snacks (treasure chest)
(1F West Side): Elixir (treasure chest)
(2F): run into decayed wall, Eyes of Truth (treasure chest)
(1F East Side): use Turtle Snacks on turtle, Goddess Tears (treasure chest), use Eyes of Truth on edge of island in front of sign, Holy Rain (dropped by King Snail), run into decayed wall, Lisa Joins, Turtle Snacks (treasure chest), Sacred Mirror (mirror shield), use Turtle Snacks on Turtle, Heat Axe (treasure chest)

East Shrine

(1F, to enter you must use the Sacred Mirror): Fairy Mimosa joins (huge tree trunk), Fairy Powder (stone statue), Crystal Staff (treasure chest), Pixie Plum joins (puddle)
(2F): Goddess Tears (stone statue), Lucky Cookie (wall), Life Candle (treasure chest)
(1F): Crystal Scale (treasure chest)
(1F): Goddess Tears (treasure chest), Crystal Guard (treasure chest), Holy Rain (treasure chest)
(2F): Crystal Eyes (treasure chest), Holy Crest (treasure chest), Mithril Ingot (treasure chest)
(2F): Mithril Ore (treasure chest)
(3F): Power Juice (treasure chest), Mithril Ingot (treasure chest), Leprechaun Solo joins (stone pillar), Elixir (treasure chest), Elixir (treasure chest), Crystal Jug (treasure chest)
(2F, to get here fall through the hole south of the big trunk on the 3rd floor): Stamina Onion (huge tree trunk)
(4F): Brave Apple (dropped by Mad Blossom), Holy Pendant (floating pendant)

Outside Mirage Village

(to enter you must use the Sacred Sword, Sacred Mirror, and Sacred Pendant): Leprechaun Still joins (path right before Tower of Illusion entrance puzzle)

Mirage Village

Succubus Viola joins (windmill), Stamina Onion (box), Protect Milk (box), Elixir (chest in house), Dragon Axe (weapons merchant), Merlin's Robe (armor merchant), Dragon Suit (armor merchant), Brave Apple (item merchant), Elxir (item merchant), Light of Hope (item merchant), Goddess Tears (item merchant), Vigor Scarf (item merchant)

Tower of Illusion

(1F): Succubus Landra joins (area before switch near mithril ingot), Mithril Ingot (treasure chest), Elixir (stone statue)
(2F): Lunar Shard (bas relief carving of the sun)
(1F): Incubus Croton joins (stone statue), Force Blade (treasure chest)
(3F): Power Juice (stone statue), Protect Milk (stone statue), Potion (stone statue), Dragon Mail (treasure chest)
(4F): Elixir (treasure chest), Angel Robe (treasure chest), Fairy Primrose (stone statue)
(3F must fall through hole near Fairy Primrose to get here): Light of Hope (treasure chest)
(5F): Leprechaun Eric joins (wall), Holy Rain (treasure cheat), Health Bread (stone statue), place Lunar Shard in Bas-relief carving of the moon
(6F): Solar Shard (treasure chest)
(2F): place Solar Shared in Bas-relief carving of the sun
(2F): Shining Mail (treasure chest), Elemental Orb (treasure chest)
(6F): Holy Plate (dropped by Blader)

Desire Mine

(1F): Potion (jar), Mithril Ingot (jar), Royal Circlet (treasure chest)
(2F): Demon Claw (treasure chest), Succubus Natasha joins (wall), Incubus Boris joins (corner wall just west of an inner chamber/center of the map), Elixir (jar), Elixir (jar), Fairy Clyde joins (wall), Mithril Ingot (wall)
(3F): Pixie Baldric joins (jar), Mithril Ingot (treasure chest), Demon Staff (jar), Shining Sword (treasure chest), Goddess Tears (treasure chest), Elixir (treasure chest)

Forest of Confusion

Pixie Bell (obelisk in pond, must have all 50 pixies)


Elixir (stone pillar), Force Shield (treasure chest), Evil Orb (treasure chest), Goddess Tears (jar), Mithril Ingot (treasure chest)